AA euro travel kit

AA euro travel kit

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Product Description

If you're planning a driving trip in Europe you need to be prepared. The AA have gathered many of accessories you need when driving abroad into one convenient pack: The AA Euro Travel Kit. 

Contents of the European Travel Kit include: Headlamp Beam Converters, Hazard Warning Triangle, Self-Adhesive GB Plate, Reflective Emergency Jacket, First Aid Kit, Compact Universal Bulb Kit, AA European Driver's Handbook, AA M20 and Kent Road Map and a Canvas Style Carry Bag.

The bulb kit contains all 3 halogens, 1 X H1, 1 x H4 (472), H7 (499) and a selection of bulbs and fuses and the Euro Kit is packaged in a sturdy canvas style storage bag with zip for convenient storage in your car.

The AA European Drivers Handbook provides essential information for driving in European countries, such as speed limits, motorway regulations, documents needed, distance charts, mountain pass information, opening hours for banks, post offices and embassies, key road signs, port plans and much more. There is even an M20 and Kent Road Map in case of any traffic delays, to help you find the best alternative route to the Channel Tunnel.

Box Contains

1 x Hazard Warning Triangle (ECE R27)
1 x Reflective Emergency Jacket (BS EN ISO 20471:2013)
1 x Self-Adhesive GB Plate (Complies to 1949 Road Traffic Convention, Annexe 4)
1 x First Aid Kit
1 x Universal Bulb Kit
2 x Headlamp Beam Converters
1 x AA European Driver's Handbook
1 x AA M20 and Kent Road Map
1 x Zipped Canvas-Style Carry Bag