Fenwick's towball cleaner

Fenwick's towball cleaner

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Towball Cleaner

Fenwicks Towball Cleaner is a fast action, no fuss cleaner for your towball. With AI-KO style stabiliser units, it is essential that all dirt and grease is removed to allow the stabiliser pads to work properly before each hook up. This can be done simply and effectively using Fenwicks Towball Cleaner. Improving towing stability and driving safety.

Available in 200ml aerosol

How to use Fenwicks Towball Cleaner

Step 1: Shake can before use
Step 2: Initially spray from a distance of 20cm in short bursts to wet down the surface to be cleaned
Step 3: Leave for 10 seconds.
Step 4: After the surface has been wetted, blast away dirt by moving the aerosol closer and using prolonged bursts. Catch residue with an absorbent cloth

Handy hints

Can be used as a dry degreaser for other metal parts.